Coop Du Jour and Summer Veg

6 07 2010

urban farm school's mascot

Portland has had a chicken coop tour for several years now and thanks to Hough Neighborhood, Vancouver finally has one of their own.

The Coop Du Jour will take place Saturday, July 17, Noon to 4pm in the Carter Park, Arnada, Hough, and Shumway Neighborhoods.

This is your chance to talk to chicken owners about their coop preferences, the realities of urban chickens, see different coop designs and best of all hang out with like-minded people. These are everyday people that have volunteered to open their yards and coops to the public. This is a great event and all proceeds benefit the Hough Foundation. $10 a ticket for a family or group of four is a steal! Tickets are available at:

Mint Tea, 2014 Main Street, Vancouver
Arnada Naturals, 1705 Broadway

For more information check out the Coop Du Jour website at:

We’ll see you out there!

We have admittedly had a dismal spring and early summer with above average precipitation and below average temperatures. It has definitely been difficult to get those summer seeds and starts into the garden and once in, to thrive. If you haven’t already done so now is the time to get any starts and seeds in the ground for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, winter and summer squashes, and the like if you hope to see a yield before the frosts set in this fall.

Yes, it has been a difficult year, and yes, our planting window has been shortened to the extreme but get out there and get planting! We are lucky in the Pacific Northwest to revel in relatively moderate and growable autumn weather so take advantage of it.

It is also time to transition into your summer lettuces, Bibb and Romaines as well as lettuces marked as “bolt-resistant” and “heat tolerant” do nicely during the summer months. Be sure to plant them behind natural shade such as behind tomatoes, corn, or vegetables that are growing on a trellis.



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