Local Food is Good!

15 06 2009

We would like to say THANKS HEAPS! to Bethany Vineyard, BiZi Farms, and Storeytree Farm CSA for hosting a wonderful local food field trip June 14. We had a van full of rising foodies and explored part of the county’s bounty.

learning about the grapes

learning about the grapes

We had wonderful one on one attention from the owners of all the farms and great wine tasting on the terrace at Bethany with lunch courtesy of A Dinner Together. Kendra purchased a bottle of Bethany’s Plum Wine that is to die for and in 25 years or so will be part of balsamic vinaigrette; it really doesn’t get much better.

Mr. Zimmerman on the move

Mr. Zimmerman on the move

Bill Zimmerman gave us a great hay ride into the fields and gave us the low down on his hot weather plant tips and tricks for tomatoes, peppers, and squash. Beautiful weather, a tractor, and fields and fields of food ~ it’s a wonderful thing.

goats are good

goats are good

foodies at Storytree CSA

foodies at Storytree CSA

Anne and Nelson Lawrence let us wander through their wonderful CSA, meeting the goats and chickens, wandering through the gardens, nibbling as we went. Saw the green house action and the new field addition (it’s a doozy!) while learning about natural fertilizer mixes, potato projects, and how to keep plastic mulch down in wind storms.

It was a wonderful afternoon full of good food, great wine and generous farmers. We look forward to seeing you all on the next field trip!



One response

17 06 2009

Looks like you had a great turn out. Awesome. The Plum wine sounds great too.

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